Lola’s 7-Up Market & Deli

Lola's Seven-Up & Deli


Lola's Seven-Up & Deli
Family Portrait on the side of Lola’s Seven Up Market & Deli

In “The Barrio” of Carlsbad Village, is a market that serves up some amazing food.  And the only restaurant/deli I know of that sells RC Cola.  I like coming here as it reminds me of a few of my favorite places to go to when I was growing up in my hometown.


I highly recommend the Crunchy Taco Plate (#18) or the Bean and Cheese Burrito.


You have to order at the register then wait for your name to be called.  There is no salsa bar, so remember to ask for Red (hot) or Green (medium) salsa, if you need it.


It is nestled in a residential area, so parking is on the street.  Also, it’s not a large building, so you might want to consider taking your food to-go to eat on the beach or at the near-by park.  It can get busy, so be prepared to wait!

The staff is friendly and the place is very clean.  Lots of locals eat here, & lots of local teenagers like to hang-out in the area, so be careful when driving through.


This is a historical point of interest, along with the buildings across the street.  Take some time to learn about the long history of Carlsbad’s “The Barrio” neighborhood, and history of the various historical building’s.

Village and Barrio Master Plan



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