URBN Coal-Fired Pizza in Vista Village

Old Blue Eyes is judging your choice in pizza toppings.

A thin crust pizza with homemade red sauce that gets a nice char on the crust?  Sign me up!

There’s also a white pie that you can get Polly-O Ricotta on top of?!  WHHHAAAATTTT?!

URBN is a great place to get a thin crust pizza: gourmet toppings, lots of aged parm and young mozzarella (or fresh moz for an upcharge), craft beer on tap, and a chill atmosphere.

It can be pricey, but this isn’t a Domino’s Pizza.  Also, you’ll have to wait awhile for your pizza, but it’s worth it.  Another option available to you is calling ahead to place an order for pick-up.  Or you can order first in-person, then head over to Mother Earth across the street–they’ll deliver it to you when it’s ready to be devoured.

We devoured our pizza before I could get a photo because…HANGRY!  It was delicious and the fresh jalapenos were spicy that day.

Ommnomnom…Pineapple + Jalapenos = Delicious!


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