Toolbox Brewing Co. – Vista



All hail the Berliner Weisse bier!ย  Or Sours.ย  Or Gose.ย  Either way, this place does them right and they’re always sooooo delicious.ย  It’s what they’re known for, so expect to find most of their beers on tap to be sour in nature (sometimes salty).

DSC_0237 1

My favorite is Bog Sauce: a raspberry-cranberry Berliner Weisse that is not too sour!ย  Cherry Limeade is another one to try.ย  Yum!

Recently, I had the Raspberry Salt Shaker Gose.ย  Delicious!

They also do fun and yummy Milkshake IPA’s (IPA with Lactose added), but I’m not the biggest IPA drinker.ย  However, people who are will not be disappointed with their line-up.ย  I did have the opportunity to taste the pineapple version, and it is delicious.ย  Creamy, subtle pineapple and the nice bitterness on the back-end.

Located in an industrial complex, Toolbox is a neat place to hang-out for a beer or two while gazeing at all the beautiful barrels aging some soon-to-be delicious beer.


This place is pupper-friendly!ย  There’s chips and salsa for sale, but nothing else to for grub.ย  Eat beforehand or plan on getting some beer to-go when heading home: they do sell cans of some of their Milkshake IPA’s from this location.ย  Some beers can also be growler-filled.




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