The DogHaus Vista Village, CA

Dressed-up bacon-wrapped brats, rotating craft beer and cheese-covered Tots. That’s all you need to know. Go. NOW!

It is delicious and yes, even vegan friendly! They serve Beyond Brat sausages and Impossible burgers. They also have beef burgers, served on a big chunk of Hawaiian sweet rolls/bread.

The food is delicious and Tots are not greasy! Neither are the onion rings! Light, airy batter… So good. I subbed a Beyond brat on a specialty item and it was so good. The impossible burger is flat-top cooked, so it is crispy. Also, it does kind of taste like a veggie version of In-N-Out’s single burger.

Place is small, but patio seating is large with PLENTY of heaters. Can order on the app and pickup.ย  Postmates delivery is available.

This place can be very busy and very loud during “normal” dining hours. So, if you want to avoid crowds, go during the “slow” hours. Plenty of street parking, and there’s a free parking lot on the side of Yellow DELI.

Lotsa taps, soda, some canned beer offerings that are brown-bagged or cozy-wrapped, and a few wine options.

Yum!ย  You need to put this on your list of restaurants to visit!

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