The Deal with Gated Communities

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Are gated communities worth the extra HOA costs?

Sometimes, they are.

The HOA board for the gated community is often responsible for community upkeep items within the gates, such as roads, sidewalks, gates, fences, common areas, community pools, and the list can go on….

If the gated community is a subdivision within a larger HOA community, they may be able to bypass the master HOA communities rules, as long as they are within acceptable limits.  For example, the master HOA area states that you cannot park in your driveway.  However, the gated community may be able to bypass this rule, and allow the residents to park in their driveway (there are often certain restrictions, such as no oil dripping, no parking backwards, etc.).

Another plus is road maintenance as most gated community roads are considered private. Gated communities may be able to bypass the master HOA and pay for a private company to repair the roads (but may still need to be within legal city codes).  Comparability,  the master HOA may not have the funds or non-gated subdivisions may have to go through a long process of city approval to get the ‘okay’ to fix the roads.

However, all these perks usually come at an extra cost.  That’s when you need to speak with your Real Estate Agent to get the details about a gated community you may be interested in.

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Remember, HOA’s can be different for every community.  It is important to speak with an Real Estate Professional that can find out information for you before you decide to purchase a home within an HOA community.  Also, please do your own research to see if a gated community is the right option for you.

PRO TIP: During the home-buying process, there is an optional California form, BHAA, that buyer(s) may be required to sign that informs the buyer(s) of the importance of reviewing HOA documentation. Please read all HOA documentation that is provided during the escrow process!

If you have any other questions regarding gated communities, please fill-out the form below, or contact me via one of the options listed above.



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