The Bellows in San Marcos, CA

If you enjoy Farm-to-Table freshness, craft beer and classic cocktails, this is the place to go.


Located in ‘Village O’ of San Marcos, it can be a little tricky to find. But, once you do, you’ll be impressed by the fresh food offerings, daily specials and unique spins on classic cocktails.

Every dish has a wood-fired component to it, even the salt! We enjoyed some carrots with a yogurt sauce and sumac, an amazing cheese plate with some very-hard-to-find-cheeses-in-California, and ‘fries’ with a yummy dipping sauce (Sorry, we inhaled the food before I could get a picture).

It is a bit pricey to eat here, but the food is very fresh and super delicious. The cocktails are also very yummy, and the Mai Tai is very rum forward (make sure you really like Rum and Falernum)!

We really loved this place and do highly recommend it! The restaurant is on the smaller side, but there is also plenty of patio seating. They are open for brunch on weekends, closed on Mondays, and have special hours during the week.

Link:ย ย The Bellows

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