The Power of a Personal Letter

When purchasing a home, most people think that whomever offers the highest amount will have their offer accepted by the seller(s) of the home.

However, this is not always the case.

For example, some seller(s) have been in their home for 20+ years. They have created a lot of memories within their home, and possibly raised a family. There is also a lot of blood, sweat, tears and money that has been put into the upkeep or updating of their home. There is no denying that one can create a strong emotional attachment to their home.

As a buyer, a personal letter can help your offer stand out from the rest, especially in a “Seller’s Market.” The seller(s) may not want to sell for the highest price possible if it means their house is going to be used as a rental, or flipped and resold. A seller may be looking for someone to move into their home to continue to care for the home like they once did.

A personal letter is not always going to be fitting for every offer. But, your real estate agent can let you know if a personal letter may help your offer stand out.

What should you put into a personal letter?

  1. You want to try to find something in common with the seller: is there a garden and you love gardening? If you noticed a lot of family photos, then mention your kids, grandkids, furkids, or starting your own family. Your real estate agent can provide suggestions to help you find a connection.

  2. Keep the letter short (1 page maximum) and keep a positive vibe.

  3. You want the seller to know a little about you: Who are you? A young professional or couple looking for their starter home? Are you planning on starting a family? Do you already have a small nuclear family? Moving to be closer to your grandkids? Are you a first-time home buyer who loves the charm of their home?

  4. Do NOT mention remodeling plans or landscaping plans. This can insult the seller. Remember, they lived in the home a long time; they have many memories and put a lot of hard-work into the home.

  5. Be sincere when finishing your letter. “Thank you for your time,” “Thank you for opening up your home for us to view,” etc. are pleasant finishing touches. If you have kids, consider having them sign their own names. If you have pets, consider including their names.

  6. Optional: Include a photo. Most people like to put a face with the name. Also, it helps create a connection between you and the seller(s).

Here are some examples of personal letters that I’ve created:

George, The House Cat, attaching a personal letter to his offer on a cat condo

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